Members of Board Commissioners


     Lt Col Migambi Mungamba Desire

      Vice Chairperson NIC






UMURAZA Landrada


Board Commissioners

Members  of  the  council  of  Commissioners, including  the  Chairperson  and  the  Vice Chairperson  have been  appointed  by  a  Presidential  Order after approval by the Senate.Members  of  the  Board  of  Commissioners   have  a  term  of  office  of  five  (5)  years  renewable only once.

The Board of Commissioners is responsible for the following:

1°  to  approve  categories  that  shall  undergo  Itorero training ;

2°  to approve the long term strategic plan of NIC;

3°  to approve annual plan of action of NIC;

4°  to  approve   the  internal  rules  and regulations of NIC;

5°  to  approve   the   draft  budget  proposal  of NIC;

6°  to  prepare  the  organizational  structure  of NIC;

7°  to approve the activity report for NIC;

8°  to avail the necessary means to the Intore during their national service period;

9°  to determine the  category and the duration

for participating in the national service;

10°  to  determine  the  activities  and  sites  of national  service  basing  on  the  country’s


11°  to  take  decisions  on  any  other  issues related to the mission of NIC.