Hon. Minister of Local Government visited the National Itorero Commission

On 13   August , 2014   The Honorable Minister of  Local  Government  KABONEKA Francis  visited  the National Itorerereo Commission. In his remark the Minister saluted the work that has been done by the Commission since before when it was the Task Force.  He  call up  Itorero authorities to  set strategies that will transform Rwandans in real  values of Intore. He pursued that the Commission should focus  on practice  in order for achieve the expected results.

The Minister promised the commitment and assistance in all activities of Itorero in order to attain its mission.

The Chairperson of National Itorero Commission RUCAGU Boniface    presented the achievement of Itorero in various pillars and its coming plan as well as challenges that it’s facing today.   The meeting was remarked by the open exchange on issues  related to NIC programs.


MUHIRE Hilaire