1) To Rwandans to make them:
-Understand their shared values and taboos in their coexistence, be patriot and contribute to
national development;
- Be aware of and have proficient knowledge of national programs and necessary means for
their implementation;
- Be confident in their ability to solve problems facing they are faced with and uphold their
- Be Intore who are worthy Rwandans found in all categories and are catalysts for positive
-Have the culture of volunteerism through national service;
-Have the culture of being proud to set performance targets and to proclaim their
2) To train leaders to engage in a leadership style that promotes the values and strive to become
the best performers;
3) To train Rwandans to promote respect for values and taboos as a basis for coexistence and
national development;
4) To collaborate with other public and private institutions and non-governmental organizations
that train in values and taboos and seek their advice;

5) To prepare and follow up volunteerism activities through the national service;
6) To perform any other task as the Commission may find relevant to its mission